Partnering organizations include:

What is the Summer of Innovation?

Several organizations from across the Southern Tier have united to offer unique learning opportunities for children and young adults during the summer months. These organizations have a common goal of extending the traditional school year into a third summer semester. Our offerings have another purpose as well - to provide students with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills that are essential to their success in the future.

How do I register my child for these courses?

To register your child for any of the courses on this site, click on the registration link for the agency offering the course your child is interested in. From there, you will be able to access the registration information you need.

Enrollment is limited; please register early!
When registering for courses, please use the grade your child will enter in the fall unless otherwise indicated.

What is the cost of these programs?

The cost of these academies varies.
Please see the course description for information on price.

Are Scholarships Available?

Scholarships are available from the following partners:

  • Corning Community College
  • Science & Discovery Center
  • Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum
  • Wings of Eagles Discovery Center
  • Some scholarships are available to Elmira City School District students. Please contact Jennifer Biggs at (607) 735-3580.

Is Transportation Available?

Transportation is available for Elmira City School District students. Please contact Jennifer Biggs at (607) 735-3580 for more information.

@GST BOCES Bush Education Center

459 Philo Road, Elmira
Please note: There is no charge for courses at the Bush Education Center.

Animal Science: The Barnyard Bunch (Grades 7-9)


Explore the fascinating world of animals, from the tiniest insect to the majestic alpaca. This immersive program offers a fun and hands-on learning experience for students who are passionate about animals. Embark on nature hikes where you'll learn about animal habitats and explore the diverse life teeming in our local environment. Put your detective skills to the test by collecting and analyzing pond water samples and uncovering the secrets hidden within owl pellets. Spend quality time with our friendly classroom and barn animals, learning about their care, behavior and unique needs. Get hands-on experience using specialized equipment to monitor their health and well-being. Throughout the program, you'll gain valuable scientific skills while using microscopes to analyze samples, scales and measuring tapes to monitor animal health, and dissecting tools and identification keys for owl pellet dissection. Much of our time will be spent outside or in the company of animals, so closed-toed shoes and clothes that can get dirty are a must!

Auto Body: Custom Painting and Graphics (Grades 7-10)

Students will learn custom painting techniques used in the industry. They will achieve this using airbrushes, paint spray guns, stencils and free-hand techniques. They will layout and complete a pre-determined project. Then, they will be able to come up with their own design for a panel. Students also will learn about hydro graphics and have the opportunity to hydro dip a pre-determined project

Auto Technology: Pit Crew Challenge (Grades 7-10)

If you're an auto racing fan, this class is for you. You'll begin the week by creating a team with your classmates. You'll learn to safely and correctly operate an automotive lift, impact and tire machine and to identify automotive fluids. Teams will participate in a pit row competition. Students should bring a packed lunch.

Auto Technology: Get Charged Up (Grades 7-10)


Participants will learn how to retrieve and translate OBD I and II diagnostic codes with industry-leading scan tools and diagnose and test various electrical circuits using test lights and digital multimeter. Next you'll construct operating electrical circuits, discover how an automobile engine functions and discuss and apply OHM's Law in an automotive setting. Participants also will learn to correctly and safely use pneumatic and electrical power tools.

Building Sheroes (Girls, Grades 6-8)

The middle school experience is complex for young girls and filled with a variety of pressures from peers, school, society and social media. Through activities and discussions that promote self-confidence, listening and communication skills, healthy relationships and foundations of personal health, girls can learn a strong sense of self-empowerment, build their emotional intelligence and learn how to advocate for themselves and their peers.

Culinary Arts & Career Explorations: Bake Shop (Grades 7-8)

Students will create their own bake shop. They will get to name it and make a simple logo to put on an apron. They will learn to make scones and cookies and learn how to decorate sugar cookies. Upon completion of the academy, students will be able to demonstrate how different ingredients might go better together, describe different mixing methods, demonstrate different decorating techniques and describe why having a brand is important.

CPR/First Aid (Students must be at least 16 years old)

Participants will complete an American Heart Association HeartSaver CPR and First Aid class. Skills gained will focus on Adult CPR, Child CPR, Infant CPR, AED, Choking, First Aid, Bandaging, Epi-Pens and Splinting. The class will incorporate hands-on skills and team dynamics. Students will progress from learning basic skills, to then being presented scenarios where they must as a team decide what steps should be taken and how best to help their patients. Students will leave proficient in CPR skills that can be used in their school and community settings when necessary.

Wilderness Exploration Studies - Career Connections Humanities(Grades 8-10)


Students will engage in a variety of hands-on activities, including crafting projects from wood such as bird houses, bat houses, duck houses, and pen making. Additionally, they will receive instruction in proper orienteering techniques and learn to identify different fish species. Practical application of fish identification skills will occur during fishing sessions at BOCES ponds. Through lathe work, students will create pens while emphasizing safety protocols for equipment operation. Furthermore, the curriculum encompasses lessons on conservation and animal science. Students will also develop proficiency in map reading and compass navigation to enhance their outdoor navigation skills. Please bring a packed lunch each day.

To register for courses on any of the GST BOCES campuses, register online at

For questions or comments, contact:
Tammy Clark <>
at (607) 739-3581 x1426

@GST BOCES Coopers Education Center

9579 Vocational Drive, Painted Post
Please note: There is no charge for courses at the Coopers Education Center.

Animal Science: Animal Careers (Grades 7-10)

Students will be exposed to different career clusters in the agriculture and animal science field. Students will speculate what specific careers entail and then learn about daily life in that occupation. Attendees will get handson experience working with multiple small animal species daily. After learning about possible careers, students will be able to meet professionals during an organized field trip to local businesses including a farm and vet office. Lunch will be provided to students each day.

Animal Science: Barn Quilts (Grades 7-10)

Students will learn about quilt squares and barn quilts in history. Students will explore the significance of quilt blocks and their connection to the Underground Railroad. Attendees will then choose their own quilt block design to reconstruct on a piece of wood, rather than fabric. Knowledge gained from learning about the color wheel and complimentary colors will aid students in painting their one-of-a-kind wooden quilt blocks. Lunch for students will be provided daily. Students will get to keep the masterpieces they create and can display them proudly.

Animal Science: Dairy is Whey Cool! (Grades 7-10)

Milk and its products go way beyond cheese and butter. In fact, dairy products are used in more than just food. Students enrolled in this program will be able to explore the many uses of milk and dairy products. They will also get to see first-hand how milk is produced. Some activities include making milk-based soap and cheese, as well as touring a local dairy farm. Students will get to try their own hand at milking an animal and distinguishing taste differences in multiple species'milk (i.e. goat, cow, sheep). Lunch will be provided for students.

Auto Technology: Let's Go Racing (Grades 7-10)

Students will operate our tire machines and learn to operate our two post lifts. Students will be introduced to power and hand tools, basic cutting tools and possibly some light welding. We hope to do some single cylinder small engine work and potentially do some work on a junior go cart, with the possibility of taking it to Seneca Grand Prix go kart track and racing it. We also will be building valve cover racers and students will compete against each other on our track with the vehicles they build.

Cosmetology: Salon Chic Summer Academy (Grades 7-10)

Do you enjoy making people feel better about themselves? Come to GST BOCES Cosmetology Summer Academy at the Coopers Campus. Each student will learn the importance of hygiene and sanitation, braiding, manicuring, pedicuring and plain facials. Summer of Innovation students will get to work one-on-one with senior students from the Cosmetology program.

Culinary Arts: Tasty Tapas Fiesta (Grades 7-10)

Get ready to embark on a flavorful adventure at our Tasty Tapas Fiesta summer camp! This week-long culinary camp will transport you to the vibrant world of Spanish cuisine. Immerse yourself in the art of creating and savoring delicious tapas, small plates bursting with bold flavors. From traditional favorites like Tortilla de Patatas and Albondigas to innovative creations like Chorizo Arancini and Crema Catalana, you will learn the techniques and secrets behind crafting these mouthwatering bites. Chef Campbell will guide you through hands-on cooking lessons, teaching you the essence of Spanish cooking while fostering teamwork and culinary creativity. Join us for an unforgettable week filled with culinary delights and a taste of Spain.

Culinary Arts: Sweet Sensations Culinary Adventure (Grades 7-10)

Indulge your taste buds and embark on a delectable journey at our Sweet Sensations Culinary Adventure Camp! This week-long culinary camp will immerse you in the art of creating irresistible sweet treats. From mastering the art of crafting decadent chocolate lava cakes to perfecting the delicate balance of flavors in a classic créme brulee, you'll learn the secrets behind creating mouthwatering desserts that are sure to impress. With a focus on hands-on learning, Chef Campbell will guide you through each step, teaching you essential techniques and sharing insider tips. Join us for an unforgettable culinary experience filled with creativity, teamwork and, of course, plenty of sweet sensations!

Culinary Arts: Snack Smart Culinary Adventure (Grades 7-10)

Join us for an exciting and delicious adventure at our Snack Smart Culinary Academy! This camp focuses on promoting healthy snacking habits through hands-on cooking experiences. Students will learn how to create a variety of nutritious and tasty snacks using fresh ingredients. From colorful fruit smoothie bowls to homemade energy bites and veggie roll-ups, our young chefs will develop essential culinary skills while discovering the joy of wholesome snacking. Led by Chef Campbell, this class provides a fun and interactive environment where students can explore their creativity and develop a lifelong love for cooking and healthy eating. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to empower your child with the knowledge and skills to make smart snack choices!

Digital Media Arts: Creative Ventures (Grades 7-10)

Show your creativity and learn a variety of hands-on applications of Digital Media Arts. Attending students will learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop and keyframe animations through use of Adobe Premiere. They will be experimenting with nature and green screen photography while exploring many additional aspects of Digital Media Arts. They can then use those skills to create and take-home customized items, such as a t-shirt, coffee mug, possibly buttons or other available media. Supplies are contingent upon material available. Please bring a brown-bag lunch each day.

Digital Media Arts: Mastering Photography (Grades 7-10)

Taking pictures can be fun and innovative. This class will explore many aspects of photography. It will give students a sampling of various photographic styles, effects and techniques, including nature photography, stilllife photography, portrait photography, green screen effects and trick photography, including reflection, long exposure and other techniques that can leave the viewer amazed. Please bring a brown-bag lunch each day.

Digital Media Arts: Sound Scapes (Grades 7-10)

Have you ever wanted to star in your own podcast or host a radio show, or wondered how your favorite animated characters are voiced? Sound is an integral, but often overlooked component in much of our popular media. Students of this workshop will learn to use various sound-capturing equipment, and how to use software to manipulate that sound to produce sound effects, music and set a scene or a mood using sound alone. Please bring a brown-bag lunch each day.

Digital Media Arts: Stop Motion Animation Film (Grades 7-10)

Wallace and Gromit, Jack Skellington, James and his giant peach - all of these have something in common: they are brought to life via the magic of stop motion animation. During this workshop, students will learn about how some of their favorite stop motion films are created and will flex their own creative writing muscles to write their own 30 second animation. They will learn the basics of photography, set design, audio production and Adobe Premiere to assemble their own mini movie. At the end of the class, students will be able to take home a copy of their film, as well as a flip book of their images, if time allows. Please bring a brown-bag lunch each day.

Digital Media Arts: Video Game Design (Grades 7-10)

Video games are among the fastest-growing forms of entertainment of the age and are as varied in scope and design as those who play them. During this workshop, we will discuss the history and influence of games on our pop culture. Students will then have the opportunity to delve into game design firsthand, learning the process of game development and using RPGmaker to create their own video game levels. At the end of the class, students will be able to take their finished game home, as well as the save files to continue development on their own, if they wish. Please bring a brown-bag lunch each day.

To register for courses on any of the GST BOCES campuses, register online at

For questions or comments, contact:
Tammy Clark <>
at (607) 739-3581 x1426

@GST BOCES Wildwood Education Center

1126 Bald Hill Road, Hornell
Please note: There is no charge for courses at the Wildwood Education Center.

Cisco Networking Academy - Computer & Network Technology (Grades 7-10)

Welcome to this exciting one-week summer academy designed especially for 7th-10th graders who are eager to dive into the world of computer technology! No prior experience required - perfect for students interested in technology careers such as PC repair, network administration, programming or cybersecurity. Day one: Ever wanted to build a computer from scratch? Today's your chance! Dive into the world of computer hardware as we roll up our sleeves and learn how to assemble a computer piece by piece. From motherboards to graphics cards, you'll become a pro at putting it all together. Day two: Time to delve into the world of operating systems. We'll guide you through the installation process of the Windows Operating System, teaching you all the tips and tricks along the way. Explore the control panel and settings that make Windows work. By the end of the day, you'll be navigating through Windows like a pro! Day three: Get ready to connect the dots as we explore the fundamentals of networking! Create your own CAT5e network cable, then coordinate with classmates to link laptops together. By the end of the day, you'll be sharing files and connecting applications to test your network. Day four: Take your network to the air as we dive into the world of wireless networking! From fundamentals to advanced security, we'll teach you the best practices to keep your WiFi safe at home or in an office. Day five: Today, we're diving into the world of servers. Learn all about server hardware and virtualization and discover how to measure and optimize server performance. By the end of the day, you'll be well-versed in the backbone of modern technology.

Intro to Cosmetology (Grades 7-10)

Each student will learn the importance of hygiene and sanitation, manicuring, pedicuring, basic color theory, color application, blow dry techniques and thermal hairstyling. The Summer of Innovation students will collaborate and work one-on-one with our senior students.

Culinary Arts: Boujee Breakfast (Grades 7-10)

Rise and shine with our breakfast foods class, where students will discover the art of creating delicious morning meals to start the day off right. From classic favorites like fluffy pancakes and crispy home fries to the more worldly options such as shirred eggs and latkes, this course will explore a variety of breakfast dishes to suit every palate. Participants will learn essential cooking techniques, experiment with different ingredients and uncover the importance of a balanced breakfast. Whether you're a breakfast enthusiast or looking to expand your culinary skills, this class promises to inspire creativity in the kitchen and elevate your breakfast game. Join us for a mouthwatering exploration of breakfast foods that will leave you energized and ready to tackle the day ahead!

Culinary Arts: Spice It Up (Grades 7-10)

In this engaging class, students will embark on a flavorful journey exploring the world of herbs and spices. From understanding the differences between herbs and spices to learning about their unique tastes and aromas, this course will delve into the diverse ways these ingredients enhance culinary creations. Students will discover the history behind popular herbs and spices, explore their medicinal properties and experiment with incorporating them into various dishes. By the end of the course, participants will not only have expanded their culinary knowledge, but also developed a deeper appreciation for the role herbs and spices play in creating delicious and aromatic meals. Join us on this fragrant and educational exploration of herbs and spices!

To register for courses on any of the GST BOCES campuses, register online at

For questions or comments, contact:
Tammy Clark <>
at (607) 739-3581 x1426


STEM Academy at Corning Community College, Steuben Bldg. 2nd Floor
Please note: There is no charge for courses at the STEM Academy.

Create and Design a Graphic Novel with Canva (Grades 7-10)

Love to read graphic novels? Have you ever wanted to create your own? Participants will explore different graphic novels and identify their conventions through inquiry and observation. Once explored, participants will create and organize their own story arcs and develop their graphic novel design. There will be feedback protocol sessions where participants will look at each other's work and learn how to give and receive critical feedback. By the end of the week, participants will have at least the first chapter of their graphic novel and a story board to continue their work. Participants will publish their final product to share with others.